Cleanse the Soul essential oil blend.

Cleanse The Soul

Cleanse The Soul Essential Oil Blend

This journey in life is really amazing. There is so much to learn and grow from.

Unfortunately sometimes life’s lessons can get us down, or we can view them as mistakes.

Others may look at your journey and question why you handle your journey the way that you do  leaving you questioning yourself and your self-worth.

Some of life’s lessons might stop you in your track leaving you feeling lost or unable to cope and move forward.

They may bring up of self hatred and doubt that your life will ever improve.

I want you to know that if you are in that place right now in life there is hope.

This life is just a journey.

It is neither good nor bad.

Your life lessons are just for you. Not for anyone else.

Don’t allow someone else’s judgment of how they think your life should look to bring your down.

This roller bottle blend will help you dispel feelings those feelings of worthlessness and get rid of the judgements others might have placed on you.

It will help you step into you own truth.

A truth that is right for you.

Cleanse The Soul Roller Bottle Blend

Frankincense ~ The oil of truth.  It reminds you that you are loved and protected.

Vetiver ~ The oil of Centering & Descent. It connects you to what you thing and feel allowing you have the self-awareness to know for yourself what is true and right.

Geranium ~ The oil of Love and Trust. It aids in healing the broken heart. Geranium also softens anger and assists in healing emotional wounds.

Clary Sage ~ The oil of Clarity and Vision. It helps change your perception and gives you courage to know the truth.

Bergamot ~ The oil of self-acceptance. It relieves feelings of despair, self-judgment, and low self-esteem.

Lemongrass ~ Is an oil of cleansing. It helps individuals enter into a healing state allowing on to easily let go of old, limiting beliefs.

Indian Sandalwood ~ The oil of sacred devotion. It assists in reaching beyond your current confines and belief systems and connect to the Devine.

Lemon ~ Assists in releasing feelings of despair and hopelessness by restoring feelings of joy and happiness.

Patchouli ~ The oil of Physicality. I allows you to release emotional judgements and assists you to feel at peace while being present in the physical body.

Use this blend daily combined with the affirmation:


I know you will quickly see positive results.